Advanced Settings

Configure the advanced settings of the component on this tab.

Option Description
Working directory Enter the path to the directory that will be used for storing documents during processing.
If no redaction occurs Select what the component should do with original documents if no redaction occurs.
There are four options available:
  • Pass through ignoring errors
  • Remove document
  • Reject job
  • Move document to folder
Pass through ignoring errors Select this option if you want the document to be passed through to the subsequent components.
Remove document Select this option if you want the documents to be removed from the workflow.
Reject job Select this option if you want to reject the whole job.
Move document to folder Select his option if you want the document to be moved to the specified folder. When this option is selected, you should specify the folder in Destination Folder text box.
Destination folder Specify the folder where the documents will be stored. Click the browse button (...) to browse to the folder trees.
PDF rasterization options These options allow you to configure the settings for opening/saving PDF documents.
Note: After redaction all PDF files become rasterized; if the input PDF file is searchable before redaction, then it will be rasterized after redaction and will not be searchable.
Resolution (DPI) Set the resolution in DPI. The default value is 150.
Color Depth (BPP) Set the color depth in BPP. The default value is 24.
Compression Set the type of compression. The default type is JPEG YUV 4:4:4.