Using Redaction

This component is used to hide sensitive zones on the image document by filling them with different colors.

The component may be used to hide the information on the scanned documents; for example, medical diagnosis on the health insurance bills or some other confidential data.

You can set up the zones to be hidden on the template image file, and then zones will be hidden on the input documents if they are the same as the template image file.

The following scenario can be used as a reference of the component usage.

  1. Design a workflow process by selecting the type of MFD, used for scanning documents, the Redaction as a process component and the Send to Folder as a route component.
  2. Configure the general settings of the Redaction component, add a redaction profile that will be applied to the scanned documents.
  3. Configure the profile, set the execute condition; for example, the one that will be activated when the document name is the same as the specified condition.
  4. Configure the folders to store the generated documents and input documents. Set up the zones to be redacted on the template image file.
  5. Configure the Send to Folder component.
  6. Start the process.
The component will apply the execute profile to all input documents if they do match the execute conditions, and will redact the predefined zones.