How to verify or change the AutoStore template directory

This procedure describes how to view or change the location of the AutoStore template directory.

AutoStore Process Designer makes configuration templates stored in the AutoStore template directory available on the New and Add menus. You can use configuration templates stored in this director to create new configuration files with all of the tasks and settings in the template or to add tasks from a template to an existing configuration.

The default location for the AutoStore template directory is the Templates folder in the AutoStore application folder. Typically, the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\Templates

  1. In AutoStore Process Designer ribbon, click the File tab.
  2. Click the APD Options button.
  3. Verify or change the path in the Template directory box.
    You can click the browse button to browse to a different folder.
  4. To save changes to this setting, click the OK button.