Create a configuration from a template

If configuration was previously stored for reuse to a configuration template file (.ctf), you can follow steps in this procedure to use the template to create a new configuration with the same tasks and settings as the template file. The contents of a template file are no different than those of the original configuration file. Template files located in the template directory, specified in the APD Options dialog box, are listed on the Add and New menus on the Home tab of the AutoStore Process Designer.
Note: If your template is located not located in the template directory, you can use the Open command to locate and open it in AutoStore Process Designer.
  1. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click to expand the New menu.
  2. On the New menu, click the name of the template that you want to use.
    If necessary, expand cascading menus on this menu to find a template.
  3. Click File > Save as, select CFG Configuration (*.cfg) in the Save as type box, and save the file to a configuration file with the .cfg extension.
You can now edit and use the configuration to control AutoStore processes on the server.