How to add tasks to a configuration from a template

This procedure describes how to add tasks in a template to an existing configuration.

Process template files stored in the AutoStore template directory appear on the New and Add menus on the Home tab of the AutoStore Process Designer ribbon. A template in a subfolder in the template folder appears on a cascading menu on the New and Add menus using the hierarchy of subfolder names.

Tip: The default template directory is specified by the Template Directory option in the Options dialog box. To verify or change the default template directory used by AutoStore Process Designer, click the File tab on the ribbon, and then click the APD Options button. For more information, see Options.
  1. Make sure that the configuration you want to edit is open in AutoStore Process Designer.
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click to expand the Add menu.
  3. On the Add menu, click the configuration you want to use.
    Tip: You may have to expand a cascading menu to find the template name.
    Completing this step opens the template in AutoStore Process Designer.
This adds the tasks from the template as new task tabs in the configuration.