Finishing tab

Use this tab to configure finishing properties as described in the following table:

Setting Description
Offset Allows you to specify Offset. Select True to offset the document from the previous document in the output tray. Select False to stack the document directly on top of the previous document.
Staple Specify the staple location for your document.
Angle Specify the angle for the staple or staples in your document.
Hole Punch Specify None, 2-hole, 3-hole or 4-hole punch for your document.
Location Specify the location. Left, Top, Right, or Bottom for the hole punch for your document.
Fold Allows you to specify fold type.
Bind Allows you to choose whether to set binding to None, Left, or Right.
Booklet printing Allows you to choose On if you would like booklet printing (if your printer supports it), Off if you would not.
Creep Allows you to choose whether creep is On or Off.
Gutter Allows you to specify the size of the gutter in points.