Using the Outlook Message Loader component

Here are some possible use cases of this component:

Automated email archival
Setup a workflow process using AutoCapture component.  Define an AutoCapture form for users to submit email records for archival purposes.  Each Outlook user can then submit email messages into archival process by simply clicking on the email message within their MS Outlook Client AutoCapture button.  The process on the server should contain the Outlook MSG Loader as the first Process Component to load the MSG file content into memory for workflow processing.
Extraction of email file attachments
Your firm needs to extract every email attachment and archive the email and corresponding attachments into a records management application in accordance to compliance rules that has been setup for your firm.  This process can be done through use of a process that "crawls" through an Outlook inbox and exports MSG files for every email within the email box.  The server process can then use the Poll Directory Capture component and Outlook MSG Loader Process component to load all the MSG files into the business workflow designed to handle the compliance rules of your firm.
Extraction of large volume of email messages into searchable format
Your organization receives a large volume of TIFF or PDF images on email and users are requiring you to have a way to convert these attachments into searchable format and storing them in a shared folder.  This can easily be done through creation of AutoCapture form that uses Outlook MSG Loader to load each MSG file and submits all attachments into OCR for searchable processing.
Content Based email Workflow
Capture of email messages and apply workflow processes based on either the messages or message file content (To, From, CC, Subject, Body, Date fields).  Use the RRTs representing the email fields to route the messages into multiple locations or workflows.