Workflows tab

Use this tab configure initiating one or several workflows by the component for documents.

When the component initiates a new workflow for a document, it attaches the document to the work package of the workflow.

Each workflow that the component initiates is represented as a separate tab on top of the window.

Option Description
Workflow title For each workflow, you can enter its title in this field.
Select Click this button to add a new workflow. The button opens the Select Workflow Map dialog box containing the tree with all workflow maps specified on the Livelink/CS server. Select the desired Workflow Mapworkflow map and press OK. A new tab with the name of the workflow map will appear. The tab represents a new workflow that will be initiated for documents by instantiating the selected workflow map. For each workflow map, the component allows initiating only one workflow per document.  

On the new tab, specify the title of the workflow in the Workflow title field.

Remove Click this button to remove the currently selected workflow.