General tab

Use this tab to enter the general attributes that define connectivity to the Livelink/CS application.

Option Description
Activate Select this check box to make the component active. If this check box is not selected, the component won't perform any actions during files processing. This option is only available in the OpenText Livelink/Content Server eConnector component.
Server Enter the IP address or the host name of the OpenText Livelink/CS server.
Database Enter the name of the Livelink/CS database connection to be used to connect to the database. If a null string is specified, the system uses the default database connection assigned to the dftConnection variable in the [general] section of the opentext.ini file.
User name Enter a valid Livelink/CS user name. The processed documents are associated with this user name.
Password Enter the password for the user name.
Port Enter the port number that you connect to. The port number value must match the port number that is configured on the OpenText Livelink/CS server. For a standard, non-tunneled connection to Livelink/CS, the port number is the value assigned to the Port variable in the [general] section of the opentext.ini file. The port number is usually 2099.
Impersonate If you select this option, you have to supply the user name to impersonate. Make sure to use an administrator user name and password for impersonation to work.
Advanced Click this button to configure advanced connection settings in the Connection Type dialog box.