Why use the OpenForms 360 components?

Because processing time varies depending on the size of a document and the type of processing it requires, your workflow may be slowed down dramatically. This can happen, for example, due to a very large document that has to undergo not only a form recognition process but also a human-validation. The asynchronous design of OpenForms 360 capture and route components provide for a faster document processing by allowing the OpenForms 360 capture component to retrieve the processed documents from the OpenForms 360 Server and send them to the next workflow component for further processing immediately.

This is achieved by means of a two-process workflow that you design in the AutoStore Process Designer (APD).  The first process starts with any capture component available in AutoStore and ends with the OpenForms 360 route component that routes captured content to the OpenForms 360 Server. The second process starts with the OpenForms 360 capture component that retrieves all documents ready for further processing from the OpenForms 360 Server and ends with any process and/or route component available in AutoStore.