SiteMap tab

Settings on this tab configure SiteMap file parameters.

Option Description
SiteMap File

Correct processing of an image and satisfactory extraction results require a reference to a project file that is saved as a SITEMAP file on any file server. The SiteMap project file refers to the schema created during project configuration in OpenForms 360 SiteMap Designer as a result of class and type definition. A schema of a project defines the types of documents and fields included in these documents. The schema is used by the OpenForms 360 Professional recognition system to perform form recognition and data extraction.

To select a SiteMap project file, use the browse button next to the SiteMap File field.  A project tree appears on the right side of the tab. The project tree is a projection of the schema file.

Note: For detailed information on how to create a project using OpenForms SiteMap Designer, refer to OpenForms 360 SiteMap Designer help files. For detailed information about type and class definition, refer to OpenForms 360 Extraction Design Studio help files.
Batch Name

A Batch is a combination of the following data:

  • TIFF files routed from the OpenForms 360 route component to the Open Forms 360 Server.
  • A reference to an OpenForms 360 SiteMap Designer project.
  • Set of conditions under which the batch will be sent to Validation.

You can give each Batch a name. To do so, type in a name in the Batch Name field or use one of the available RRTs, such as "File Name". A processed image file will appear under this name in the list of tasks in OpenForms 360 Validation dialog box.

The OpenForms 360 Validation dialog box

The value entered in this field will be used in the Batch Name RRT listed in the list of the Available RRTs of the OpenForms 360 Capture component.

Available RRTs list

If the Batch Name field is left empty, the existing file name will be used as the batch name.

Validation Usage

This option determines whether the data extracted from the documents as a result of form recognition should be validated. This is accomplished by selecting the Use Validation check box so that the project tree becomes editable in the right half of the tab, and setting the Confidence Level value. To type in the desired value (0-100), select a node from the project tree and click it once.

  • Never Send to validation — Regardless of recognition results the batch will be sent directly to capture component.
  • Always Send to Validation — Regardless of recognition results the batch will be sent to Validation station for review
  • Conditional Validation — The decision about sending the batch to Validation Station will be made based on the comparison of the recognition results with the conditions set in the right half of the tab.

Setting the Conditions for Sending the Batch to Validation Station

During the recognition process each field in the batch is assigned the state and confidence level State can be: OK, Reject, Empty and so on. Confidence level is generated by the extraction engine in case the state of the field was OK.

There are several conditions that can be set:

  • Ensure OK — Pass if the field is present and the state of recognition is "OK". Otherwise send the batch to Validation.
  • Ignore — Pass regardless of the field sate.
  • Ensure nn% of confidence — Pass if the field is present, its state is "OK" and the confidence level at least nn%, otherwise send the batch to Validation station.
  • Default — Apply the parent condition. Pass if the field is empty.
  • Ensure the document is NOT present — Do not pass if the document of the marked type is present in the batch.