Route component

The OpenForms 360 route component serves as an interface between AutoStore Server and OpenForms 360 Professional. It routes scanned images to the OpenForms 360 Server which dispatches them to OpenForms 360 Professional for form recognition and data extraction.

To configure the OpenForms 360 route component, double-click on the component icon in the AutoStore Process Designer to open the configuration dialog box.

The configuration dialog box of the OpenForms 360 route component has the following tabs:

Tab Description
SiteMap tab Settings on this tab configure SiteMap file parameters.
Connection tab Settings on this tab enable a connection to the OpenForms 360 Server.
Custom Fields tab Options on this tab specify metadata relevant to the Batch that can be retrieved from the OpenForms 360 Server database by the OpenForms 360 Capture component after the scanned documents are processed.