General tab

This tab provides general options to configure the OpenForms 360 capture component.

Option Description
OpenForms 360 Server URL Allows entering the server path. You can copy it from either the URL with Kerberos authentication field of OpenForms 360 Server Configurator or from the URL with user name and password authentication field of the same software. Otherwise, consult with server administrator if you need the above information.

Select the authentication method appropriate for your environment:

  • Windows — Choose this option if you use the Kerberos authentication method. The OpenForms 360 capture component will connect to the server using the system log-in data of the current user.
  • Username and Password — Choose this option if the Username/Password authentication is used. Selecting this option activates the Domain/Username and the Password field, where you can enter the required log-in information.
  • Processed Files — Specifies the folder where you want to store files that have been successfully retrieved from the OpenForms 360 server by the OpenForms 360 capture component. This setting is optional.
    Important: If this option is active, a copy of every file that has been captured successfully is saved into this directory. You must therefore make sure that sufficient disk storage is allocated for this directory.
  • Rejected Files — Specifies folder where you want to store files that failed to be retrieved from the OpenForms 360 Server by the OpenForms 360 capture component. The failure can be due to a number of reasons and must be researched through searching the application log file entries. If no folder is specified for the rejected files, the file continues to display the status "Capturing" in the OpenForms 360 Server repository, which leads to the file getting "lost". The administrator can change the status manually to "Validated" thus enabling the OpenForms 360 capture component to retrieve it from the server (for more information about Batch status, see the OpenForms 360 Validation help). This setting is optional.
    Note: Typically, it is beneficial to have a secondary process that takes this folder as an input and routes messages out to system administrator to warn of failure.
Working Folder Specifies an existing folder where the files will be saved under a temporary name if the Processed Files folder or Rejected Files folder are not specified.