Custom Fields tab

Options on this tab specify metadata relevant to the Batch that can be retrieved from the OpenForms 360 Server database by the OpenForms 360 Capture component after the scanned documents are processed.

Enter the information into the fields under Name and Value.

To populate the fields, make them editable by clicking on the field until you see the courser blinking. The either type in or drag and drop the desired RRT on to the appropriate field. You can create any number of entries in this table. Use unique names. You can use any of the RRTs provided by the capture component you included in your AutoStore workflow.

In the picture below, AutoCapture component RRTs are used:

  • Computer Name=~ACC::ComputerName~
  • UserName=~ACC::Domain~\~ACC::UserName~
ComputerName and UserName RRTs used on the Custom Fields tab.

The data entered in the custom fields is stored in OpenForms 360 database along with a batch. The OpenForms 360 Capture component will access this information using the Custom Field RRT (~OF2::[<Name>]~) available in the OpenForms 360 Capture component.

Custom Field in the Available RRTs list.

To get the values that you entered in the custom fields of the OpenForms 360 Route component, use the RRT entitled Custom Field when configuring the route component in an AutoStore process, such as Folder Store. Manually replace the Name value in the square brackets with the actual name you entered in the Name field on the Custom Field tab of the OpenForms 360 Route component. The name will be replaced with the appropriate value from the respective Value field on the Custom Field tab of the OpenForms 360 Route component.

For the example above you will get the following results:

  • ~OF2::[ComputerName]~ will return the name of the computer where the route process took place.
  • ~OF2::[UserName]~ will return Domain\User of the route process.