Configurations tab

This tab is divided into two parts that configure the SiteMap Tree View and the Component Grid.

SiteMap Tree View

The Project Tree View is located on the left side of the tab. It provides a short-cut menu with the following commands:

Command Description
Add SiteMap Allows you to add a projects previously created using OpenForms 360 Sitemap Designer.
Delete SiteMap Allows you to delete a project from the tree.
Clear Configuration Allows you to clear the existing configuration.

Component Grid

The Component Grid is located on the right side of the tab. Here the next components in the AutoStore workflow (route or process) are listed. To configure the component, select Default or a project to which the configuration is to be applied and click the C configuration button in the component grid to open the configuration dialog box of the selected workflow component.

This also opens the Available RRTs window displaying two lists of available RRTs: OpenForms 360 capture component's RRTs and those of the next selected AutoStore workflow component, for example Send to Folder. Click one of the title bars to see the list of each component's available RRTs.

  1. You can use any of the OpenForms 360 capture component RRTs in any field of the configured component.
  2. To move desirable RRTs to the appropriate field, either drag-and-drop or press CTRL-C or CTRL-V.
  3. After you complete the configuration, click OK.

    The selected node or sub-node of the project tree will be furnished with a red check mark indicating that it has been configured.

Note: If a sub-node of the project tree is not configured, the configuration of the parent node is used.