Capture component

The OpenForms 360 capture component retrieves processed images from the OpenForms 360 Server as soon as they are ready for further processing and hands them over to the next workflow component. The capture component identifies such documents by the status "Validated" (see online help for OpenForms 360 Validation). This status is assigned to a Task in two different ways: automatically, by the OpenForms 360 Server after the image was processed by the OpenForms 360 Professional, or manually either by the user upon validating the document or, if necessary, by an administrator in the OpenForms 360 Validation run in administrative mode.

The capture component is configured by options on the following tabs:

Tab Description
General tab This tab provides general options to configure the OpenForms 360 capture component.
Configurations tab This tab is divided into two parts that configure the SiteMap Tree View and the Component Grid.
Output Data tab Settings on this tab permit configuration of additional capture component processing attributes.