Authentication methods

The OpenForms 360 Server supports two methods of authentication:

The following authentication clients use any of these two methods to authenticate against the OpenForms 360 Server:

When utilizing the Username/Password authentication method, authentication clients store the user name and password information encrypted locally, and use this information each time they need to call the OpenForms 360 Server.

Using the Username/Password authentication requires HTTPS transport. Therefore, a security certificate must be installed on the OpenForms 360 Server. See Security Certificate Installation.

When utilizing the Kerberos (windows) authentication method, authentication clients apply the credentials of the user account under which a process is currently running. Thus, AutoStore uses the credentials of the user account under which the AutoStore service is running, the validation station uses the credentials of the currently logged in user, and OpenForms 360 Professional uses the credentials of the user account under which Load Manager Monitor service is running.

For the configuration of OpenForms 360 utilizing the Kerberos authentication, use the URL provided in the URL with Kerberos authentication field (referred to as Kerberos URL). For the Username/Password authentication method use the URL provided in the URL with Username/Password authentication field of the Server tab of OpenForms 360 Server Configurator.

The message Connected as: domainname\user indicates a successful connection to the server.

Note: When connecting to the OpenForms 360 Server, utilizing the Kerberos (Windows) authentication, you may be denied the access and see the message Access Denied after pressing the Check button in the Connection dialog of any authentication client. The reason for this is the discrepancy between the following user accounts:
  • The user account of the currently logged-in user.
  • The user account under which the service that is currently being configured will be run at run time.
  • The Route Component User account and the Capture Component User account you configured in OpenForms 360 Server Configurator for running the AutoStore processes.