On Success/Failure Notification dialog box

Concept definition.

Option Description

Specify the SMTP email addresses for individuals that are to be notified of the job status

You may enter multiple recipients separated by the semi-colon (;).


Enter the sender address for emails. This field needs to conform with the requirements of the SMTP server used. For instance the value often must be a valid email address that belongs to a certain domain.


Specify the subject of the notification email message.


Provides the body text of the email message that is to be sent out.

Include documents as attachments

Select this box if you want to attach documents to the email confirmation notification.

What gets attached to the email notification message is dependent on the position of the component in a process. Refer to the example described in Using Notification component.

If you do not select this check box, the position of the component in the process with respect to other components is irrelevant.