Form List dialog box

A shared form is a regular form that can be referenced multiple times. This option allows the user to create one shared form and reference the same form in another group or menu.

Field Name Description
Form List The list box shows existing shared forms.
  • Display Name — Shows the name of a form.
  • # of Refs — Shows the number of groups or menus that reference a form.
Add Select Add to create and customize a shared form.  For information on creating and customizing a form, see the Form help page.
Remove Click this button to delete the selected shared form.
Edit Click this button to edit and customize the selected shared form.
Refs Click this button to display information on the number of references a shared form may have.  This allows you to manage different groups or menus that reference a shared form.
Note: A shared form may not have any references. That is, a shared form can be created without being placed within a group or menu.