RRT's Format tab

This tab allows you to configure the format of RRTs that represent date and time.

Option Description
# of 'Received Time' RRTs Specifies the number of RRTs that represent Received Time. For example if you set this value to 2, then 2 sets of RRTs (representing the Scan Time Stamp) will be displayed in the list.
Received Time list The box on the left lists the Received Time RRTs and allows you to configure the date-time for each one.
Date/time formats list The box on the right lists examples of date time formats. You can drag entries from this list to assemble a format strings for a Received Time RRT. For details about date/time formatting, see Custom DateTime format strings.
File Size Format Specify the unit in which the File Size RRT will be represented:
  • Byte
  • KB
  • MB
  • GB