How to configure authentication on the Lexmark MFP (eSF 2.0)

Use this procedure to configure AutoStore authentication on an eSF 2.0 client.

After installing and configuring Lexmark Client Software on MFP <link to the Installing and Configuring the Lexmark Client software> AutoStore authentication Module gets registered in the Lexmark MFP system automatically.
  1. Access the device’s setup web page by typing the following URL in your browser:
    • http://device_ip_address
  2. Click Settings on the left of the screen.
  3. In Other Settings, click Security.
  4. Click Edit Security Setup.
  5. Click Security Templates.
  6. Click Add a Security Template.
  7. Enter AutoStore in the Security Template Name text box, select AutoStoreAuthModule for Authentication Setup, and click Save Template.
    Notice that Security Template with the name AutoStore has just been created.
  8. Click Return to Edit Security Setups.
  9. Click Access Controls.
  10. Click an "AutoStore" value in the Solution 5 list.
    If you assigned different Function ID when you were configuring the AutoStore client link to Assign Solution Id to AutoStore client, and then select appropriate drop down list.