LAN Fax Inbox tab

On this tab, specify where fax documents are stored.

Option Description
Folder Path

The fully qualified path of the common folder that will be used to place fax data in order to communicate with the LAN fax server.

This folder can be a Network folder as long as this LAN Fax component and the LAN fax server software both have read and write access to it. If the folder is a network folder, enter the Microsoft Windows UNC (Universal Naming Convention) locator for the folder (for example,\\my_server\my_share_drive\my_share_folder ).

Alternately, you may click the browse button (...) to locate a folder.

Overwrite Existing File

Check this box to overwrite files with the same name.

Rename File

Check this box to rename the output file based on the rename schema settings.


Enter the schema name used to reformat the output file name. You can use Runtime Replacement Tags (RRT) to dynamically set the value of the schema. Note that spaces are not valid in the file-naming Schema.