Fax Settings tab

This tab sets the attributes associated with how the fax is sent. Depending on the LAN fax server, not all the settings might apply.

Option Description
Error Correcting Mode

Select this check box to enable Error Correction.

Most fax machines have a feature called ECM (error correction mode). EMC enables the machines to continue transmission or reception despite minor (and usually intermittent) problems with the quality of the telephone line connection. When the quality of the telephone line connection is poor, transmission time will increase as the two machines repeat data signals in an attempt to complete the transmission.


Enter a value between 1 and 99 To retry a failed fax transmission (as when the LAN fax server encounters a busy signal).

Enter 0 to not attempt to retry fax transmission when there is a failed transmission.


If you have enabled Retry for failed fax transmissions, choose the number of minutes the LAN fax server should wait between retry attempts. Enter an integer between 1 and 60.


Select the quality of the fax by clicking a resolution in the list box.

Maximum Transmission Speed

The maximum baud rate at which you want faxes to be transmitted. The LAN fax server may also limit the transmission speed.

Check your LAN fax server hardware and software specifications.