Device setup and configuration

Devices are added and managed in the Konica Minolta MFP Device Manager, which can be opened by clicking the Device Manager button in the Konica Minolta MFP settings dialog box. The Konica Minolta MFP Device Manager only configures devices for a single task, so different tasks can use different devices. Konica Minolta devices configured in a task are not shared with other tasks.

Important: After you run the setup package for the update (released in May 2014), you must update the device list and configuration file for the component. For instructions, see the last item in Troubleshooting tips.
Note: In addition to the Admin username and password, an MFP may optionally be configured such that a separate user name and password are required in order to access the OpenAPI. If an MFP is configured this way and an attempt is made to install an OpenAPI application without supplying the correct OpenAPI username and password combination, installation fails. This is expected. The error message displayed is Error: client returns fault. Client Error. See Detail property for details of fault. Further description of the error message can also be found in the status monitor.

Device prerequisites

To use a Konica Minolta MFP device with AutoStore, the device must be OpenAPI enabled and OpenAPI communication needs to be turned on at the device. Make sure the device has the newest possible firmware installed. The MFP must also support the Scan to Application with Jobticket function of the KM OpenAPI platform (version 2.0 or later).

Sharing devices between tasks

The Konica Minolta Device Manager only manages devices for the current task. Each task saves device information in its own uniquely named device file. To copy MFPs from one task to another, use the Import and Export functionality in Device Manager.

For backwards compatibility, if the device file (KMOAPICapture.dat) already exists the first time that you use this release of the Konica Minolta MFP component, all devices specified in the device file are automatically imported and saved to a new device file that is only associated with the task. After this one time import, we recommend that you back up and remove the KMOAPICapture.dat file from the following folder:

System Path
64-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7 \Distributables\Konica Minolta
32-bit C:\Program Files\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7 \Distributables\Konica Minolta

If you do use the same device in different tasks, the Open API Application ID setting on the Preferences tab must be unique to each task. The label specified by the AutoStore Button Text on the MFP setting in the Group options should also be unique to each task.