Knowledge Package Loader component RRTs

Component RRT ID

The RRT ID for this component is ASX.

Reserved Replacement Tag Names (RRTN)

The following table describes the reserved RTN values for this component.

Name Description
Version Version number of the XML Schema.
DateCreated Date the XML file was created
TimeCreated Time the XML file was created
AUTHOR The author field for the file.
COMMENTS The comments field entered into the file.

Field Replacement Tag Names (FRTN)

This component does support FRTNs for field names contained within the XML file.  The following example provides some sample usage for your reference:

The RRT string ~ASX::%Client ID%~ is  replaced by “Notable Solutions Inc.” if the user types in “Notable Solutions Inc.” for the field name called “Client ID”.

Special Set Replacement Tag Names (SSRTN)

No SSRTN is supported by this component.