IXAT TR File Builder tab

This tab is designed to help you create the Attribute File for each job.

The entries within this tab add records to the Attribute file every time new documents are placed into the IXOS directories. You can select the header and attributes from the predefined list of fields or create attribute entries using the Flexible formatting option.

The predefined headers and attributes provide the standard set as well as SAP R3 entries to allow development of SAP integration for IXOS. The Flexible formatting option allows custom attribute lines to be entered and helps in further customization of the IXOS interface.

You can use all RRTs to create dynamic attribute entries. Examples of dynamic attributes using RRT are listed below:

Enter the following as a Flexible formatting entry:

R3_CLIENT ~L1D::1,1~

The RRT ~L1D::1,1~ represents the first barcode on the first page of the document. If the barcode value was XXX, then the entry in the attribute file will be:


Use RRTs to create entries within the batch file that link your IXOS batch file entries into other document related values such as barcodes, user field entries (on devices such as multifunction devices), form field values, zoned OCR field value, or values available for any other component. This is a powerful feature that allows organizations to create custom solutions based on their document content capture requirements.

For full description of IXOS attribute entries see IXOS eCONServer Batch Import Server Interface V5.0 for detail description of all Attribute entries and structure.