Command File Builder tab

This tab allows you to create the correct entries within the command file interface.

There are two methods of creating entries.

Method 1: Use predefined headers

This method allows you to select the command entries from a list of defined entries. This interface makes it easy for you to select from a list of available entries and quickly complete your command line. The Header option entries allow you to select entries such as COMP with Component Type: PDF. The command entry created as the result would be:


And the command line entry would be:

COMP PDF filename

Method 2: Use flexible formatting

The Flexible formatting option allows you to type in your entries and create a complete set of entries based on your custom requirements. The flexible command formatting allows you to create entries such as:


Use flexible entries to create custom commands for your IXOS application.

See IXOS eCONServer Batch Import Server Interface V5.0 for a detailed description of all command entries and structure.