Component RRTs

Component RRT ID

The RRT ID for this component is IMA.

Reserved Replacement Tag Names(RRTN)

The following table describes the reserved RTN values for this component:

Name Description
BCC A blind carbon-copy recipient's full email address.
Body The body of an email message in the plain text format. If the email message has only HTML, then it is converted to the plain text.
Header The header text of the email message in the plain text format.
HtmlBody The body that has the "text/html" content type.
PlainTextBody The email message body that has the "text/plain" content type.
BounceAddress The "return-path" address of the email. Bounces (that is, delivery status notifications or DSN's) will go to this address.
CC A carbon-copy recipient's full email address.
Charset The char set for the entire email.
Date The date and time in UTC/GMT standard.
FileCount The number of documents in a job. The value of this tag depends on the selected options in the Create documents for and Split jobs groups on the General tab of the Email Class Configuration dialog box.
FileName,index The name of the created file by index.
FileSize,index The size of the created file by index.
From The combined name and email address of the sender, such as John Smith <>
FromAddress The email address of the sender.
FromName The name of the sender.
Language The primary language group for the email. The value for this field is provided by Chilkat library.

The possible values are:

  • latin1 (for English and all Western European languages)
  • central (for Central European languages such as Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and so on)
  • russian (for Cyrillic languages)
  • greek
  • turkish
  • hebrew
  • arabic
  • baltic
  • thai
  • vietnamese
  • chinese
  • japanese
  • korean
  • unknown
LocalDate The local date and time of when the email was sent or created.
Mailer Identifies the email software that sent the email.
Mailbox Mailbox (folder/subfolder path) from which the message has been fetched.
NumAttachments The number of attachments contained in the email.
NumBcc The number of blind carbon-copy email recipients.
NumCC The number of carbon-copy email recipients
NumDaysOld The number of days old from the current system date/time.
NumRelatedItems The number of related items present in this email. Related items are typically image files (JPEGs or GIFs) or style sheets (CSS files) that are included with HTML formatted messages with internal CID hyperlinks.
NumTo The number of direct email recipients.
ReplyTo The email address to be used when a recipient replies.
MsgSize The size in bytes of the email, including all parts and attachments.
Size The size in bytes of documents in a Job, that is, in a group of documents sent into the workflow. The size is comprised of the sizes of all documents in the Job.
Subject The email subject.
TO A to recipient's full email address.

The following example provides some sample usage for your reference:

~IMA::From~ is replaced with the value "TOI Online Editor" <> and

~IMA::FromAddress~ with