Welcome to the IKON DocSend component

Use this component to capture documents that are scanned using DocSend into the workflow process. This component works with any TWAIN compatible scanning device.

IKON DocSend comprises of a server software that runs on the server and a client software that runs on the user machine.  The IKON DocSend client communicates with the IKON DocSend server component to retrieve menu and form information for presentation on the user's DocSend application. When fully configured, user simply clicks on the AutoStore button, scan and edit the files, add additional index data to the document. The scanned document along with the user-entered index data is then processed through the workflow and stored in the route component specified in the workflow process definition.

This help file describes the configuration of the IKON DocSend component on the workflow server. To configure the client, refer to the IKON DocSend Client Help.