Preferences tab

In this tab, set the location of where the server stores the program files for the job that is processing.

Option Description
Home Directory

The root directory where the server creates all temporary directories and files necessary for controlling device related traffic. The server must have proper permission to write to this directory.

Port Number

Enter the port number used by the IKON DocSend Client to communicate with the IKON DocSend Server.

This port number must match the port number that is used in configuring the IKON DocSend Client computer.


Keep the files in:

  • Processed Files — Select this check box to save copies of captured files to a specified directly after they are successfully routed. If this option is enabled, a copy of every file that has been successfully routed is saved to the directory.
  • Rejected Files — Select this check box directory to save copies of files that are not routed successfully. A failure could be due to any number of reasons that can be researched by searching the application log file entries.  Typically, it is beneficial to have a secondary process that captures files from this directory and routes warning messages to alert a system administrator that there is a failure.

The service must have permission to save files to these directories. You also want to make sure that proper disk storage is allocated for this directory.