Form options

Create a form when your workflow requires capture of index data. When you add a form, enter values for options on following tabs:

General Tab

Components Tab

General tab

Field Name Description
Form Name The name of the form to be displayed on the DocSend application hierarchy.
Form Fields For each field you can configure field attributes:
  • Field Name — Field name is a string type and can be any alphanumeric characters.  Special characters (such as ~, &, <, >,%,") are not recommended.
  • Type — The supported string types are:
    • Boolean
    • Date/Time
    • String
    • String list
  • N — Shows the field number. You can click the N in the column header to add a new field to the list.
  • R (required) — Select this check box to require the user to enter a value in this field.
  • Help Message — A help button containing a help message is displayed next to a field if a help message was provided when the field was configured.  This should be used to guide a user when he/she is attempting to fill out a form.
  • P (properties) — Set the field attributes by clicking the properties (...) button in this column.
Add Click this field to add a new field. Alternatively, you can click the new field button (N on the first column header). Once you have added the a field, you can press Tab to move between columns and add additional fields.
Remove Click this button to remove selected fields. Click the field number to select a field. Use Shift-click to extend a selection or Ctrl-click to add fields to a selection.

Components tab

List of all process components, their description, type, and the configuration button to set their configuration attributes.

Enable a component and configure options by clicking the configuration button () in the in the C column of the table.