Action options

You can assign an action to a menu entry item when there is no need to assign index fields by the DocSend application user.

Use actions to allow a user to select a file that does not require any indexing field information to be captured and applies the file directly in to the workflow process. Depending on the process components and the route component selected, the files is processed and stored in the designated route component.

For every action you create, you are configuring a distinct workflow treatment based on the process component(s) and route component that you select.

If the workflow process requires index fields to be added to the stored document, you need to create a form.

Option Description
Action Name Specify the label for an action on a menu.
Components List of all process components, their description, type, and the configuration button to set their configuration attributes.

Enable a component and configure options by clicking the configuration button () in the in the C column of the table.