How to use Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS

This component is mainly used to store any type of content from various sources. This component allows you to meet your regulatory and archival requirements with ease.

The following provides an example of the component common usage scenario: Scan documents from a variety of MFP devices directly into Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS DM server.
  1. Design a workflow process by selecting the type of MFP used in scanning of the documents.
  2. From the component tray, select the desired process components and select the Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS route component for storing the scanned document into the Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS library.
  3. In the General tab of the Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS configuration, define the connection parameters to log into the server, select library to store documents into and specify the document profile.
  4. In the Document tab, configure folder and security options.
  5. In the Fields tab, configure the fields that will be assigned to the routed document.
  6. Start the process.
With the server running, the walk-up MFP user enters a preconfigured function key on the control panel of the MFP device, the document with the set attributes is routed directly into Hummingbird/Open Text eDOCS DM server.