Document tab

Specify document-specific properties in this tab.

Option Description
File This group of settings allows you to associate file extensions with file types. The component will send the documents whose extensions are in the list. Manage the list of association with the help of the Add, Modify and Remove buttons. The list of extensions must not be empty. You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headers.
Folder Enter the folder into which the documents will be routed. You can click the button to open the Folders dialog box, which allows you to select a folder from the tree of existing folders. If you leave this field blank, the file is added to the root directory.
Security This group of check boxes allows you to set permissions.
Inherit from folder If you select this check box, the document will inherit the permission of the folder where it is stored.
Full Access for Author/Typist/Impersonator If you select this check box, the typist, author and impersonator are granted full access rights to the document.