List field

The list field type defines a list from which users can select values.

Option Description
Value Specifies the value associated with the list item. This is the value that will be sent to the server and returned by the field RRT. Entries can be sorted by the Value column.
Label The text associated with the list item that will be displayed to the user. Entries can be sorted by the Label column.
Selected Specifies that a list item will be preselected when the user activates the form. You can preselect multiple list items if the Allow Multiple Select check box is selected, you can preselect multiple list items, otherwise, one list item can be selected.
Allow Multiple Select Select this check box to allow the user to select multiple options. The value of the field will then contain the selected options separated by Item Separator.
Import Click this button to export list field value definitions to a comma separated value (CSV) ASCII file. You can do this to use a list field definition repeatedly in multiple work flows.
Export Click this button to import list field value definitions from a previously exported CSV file.