Using HP Web Jetadmin to install the component

HP OXPd can be installed using HP Web Jetadmin or Solution Installer.

The HP Web Jetadmin is recommended for installing HP OXPd if you are upgrading a large number of devices. Several devices can be added to a specific group which can be created with HP Web Jetadmin. Solution Installer is recommended for simple configurations such as the upgrading of one device at a time. The solution management capabilities of HP Web Jetadmin 10.2.X support integration with OXPd’s Solution Installer. HP Web Jetadmin can be downloaded from HP’s website.

Note: OXPd 1.4 is preinstalled for Jedi devices with firmware 11.1.
Important: During the Chai DSE and OXPd jar file installation process (using either Solution Installer or HP Web Jetadmin), AutoStore server must be running with a configuration that uses the HP OXPd Capture component along with any Route component. The HP OXPd Capture component publishes the Chai DSE and OXPd jar file through the HTTP protocol, which is only possible with a running valid AutoStore configuration.

Follow these steps to install Chai DSE, OXPd:Workflow and Authentication Agent components with HP Web Jetadmin using Groups and Templates:

Templates can be used for uninstalling Chai DSE, OXPd:Workflow and Authentication Agent as well.