How to import Authentication Agent components

The Authentication Agent component must be imported into the Repository.

  1. In the left panel, under Solutions, select Repository.
    This opens the Repository on the right, where Authentication Agent components can be imported, edited, deleted and installed.
  2. Click Import.
    This opens the Import Solutions window.
  3. Click Browse.
  4. Select the AutoStoreAuthxx_xxx.jar file for the Authentication Agent to be installed.
    The Authentication Agent file for OXPd:SolutionInstaller is located within ..\Distributables\HP MFP-Digital Sender (OXPd)\jars\.
  5. On the Import Solutions windows, click Import.
    This configures the pointer to point to the solutions repository. The Authentication Agent will be displayed as AutoStore Auth Agent within the Repository.
    Once the Authentication Agent is imported, a Success” dialog box is displayed.
  6. All versions of the Authentication Agent that have been imported will be displayed in the Repository. Repeat for other Authentication Agent component versions, if needed.
  7. Ensure the Show versions (Advanced) check box is selected.