Date Time field

A date time field allows a workflow to capture dates and times from the console.

Option Description
Default Value The default value can be represented in two ways:
  • Time interval from now — When selected, the default value of the field will be the time when the user opens a form plus the interval. For example, if default time is to be set to yesterday, enter "-1" into the Time interval from now check box.
  • Fixed time — When selected, a user opens up a form which contains this field and its value will be exactly as specified in the Fixed time text-box.
Displayed format on the device side This field defines the format of the date or time, in which the date/time value will appear on the device panel. Enter a date/time format string in this box. For more information, see Custom Date and Time Format Strings.
Select what to show on the device side Choose an option to specify components of the date to display on the device.
  • Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
  • Year, Month, Day
  • Year, Month
  • Month, Day
  • Hour, Minute