How to configure OXPd to work with an AutoStore server

  1. Access the device’s setup web page by typing the following URL in your browser: http://Device_IP_Address, where Device_IP_Address is the IP address of the device.
  2. Click the Digital Sending tab.
  3. Click the OXPd:Workflow button on the left side of the page to display the OXPd:Workflow configuration page.
  4. Take Server URL or Server SSL URL from Preferences Tab of HP MFP/Digital Sender (OXPd) component, replace localhost with real AutoStore server name and add GetXml at the end of URL.
    For example, if Server URL is “http://localhost:3233/HPDS2/” and address of AutoStore server is, then the resulting URL will be http://  The IP address of the machine where the AutoStore server is installed can also be used.  In this instance, the resulting URL will be  Put the resulting URL l in the URL#1 field.
  5. Select Apply URL Polling Service Settings and then Force Update Now.
    Make sure that the URL and the name of the AutoStore group appears below the Apply URL Polling Service Settings button.