How to configure the authentication agent

  1. Enter the URL, http://device_ip>/hp/device/this.loader where device_ip is the IP address for the device into a web browser.
  2. In the Reloadable Packages section, click the link AutoStore Auth Agent.
  3. Click Configure AutoStore Authentication Agent.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Click AutoStore Authentication on the left side of the page to display the AutoStore Authentication configuration page.
  6. For Server Authentication URL enter https://host_ip_address:3234/HPDS2/Auth where host_ip_address is the address of the AutoStore server.
  7. When using SSL (HTTPS) communication protocol, provide a certification authority (CA) certificate.
    A CA certificate is used to sign a certificate configured in HP MFP/Digital Sender (OXPd) Capture component in base-64 encoded X.509 format.
  8. Click Apply to save the settings.
  9. Click Test to verify the certificate is valid.