How to use the client

  1. Connect to the fi-6010N device.
  2. Login on to the device using fi Network Scanner Admin Tool (admin/password)
  3. Select Network Settings from the tool bar
  4. Select Login LDAP server from the list on the left hand side
  5. Select method LDAP option
  6. For Address, specify the LDAP server (ip address/name).
  7. Enter Search Base (DN) enter the distinguished name for the search base.
    For example, CN=users,DC=nsilab,DC=local.
  8. Save the settings and exit out of the fi Network Scanner Admin Tool.
  9. Create a logon name called as-maintenance on the LDAP server and assign a password to it.
  10. Start the AutoStore server.
  11. On the device, log on using as-maintenance and the assigned password.