How to configure the workflow

  1. Drag and Drop Fujitsu Network Scanner and Folder Store components in the Process Designer.
  2. Open the properties of Fujitsu Network Scanner component.
  3. On the Preference tab, leave the port number is set to the default, 3255, and select the Encrypt all connections check box.
  4. Click the General tab, select Default Form and click the Edit button.
  5. Clear the Single Touch Box check box and select all Allow Changes check boxes.
    This allows users to change scan options at the device panel.
  6. Click the Fields tab and create a new field.
    1. Select ‘List’ from drop-down list of available types.
    2. Change Name to ‘Folder’.
    3. Change Display Name to ‘Folder Where to Save’.
    4. Mark the field as ‘Required’.
  7. Click the properties button (...) of the field.
    1. Enter several values and labels.
    2. Select one of them, so that it appears selected by default on the device side.
    3. Select the Allow to edit value on device side check box.
    4. Click the OK button.
  8. In the Form Setting dialog box, click the Components tab.
  9. Click the properties button (...) for the Folder Store component.
  10. In the Folder Store properties, configure the following parameters:
    Option Setting
    Folder Path
    • C:\dest\~FUJ::%Folder%~

    Drag the RRT from the Fujitsu Network Scanner RRTs in the Available RRTs window.

    Rename file
    • No

    File names are already unique so we do not need to make them unique here.

  11. Click the OK button in Folder Store component properties.
    Do not create folders now.
  12. Click the OK button in Form Settings dialog, and then click OK in Fujitsu Network Scanner configuration dialog.
  13. In , click File > Save, and save the workflow as FujitsuDemo.cfg, then close the Process Designer.
  14. Start the process from Service Manager.