How to upload the client add-in to a device

After you install the Fujitsu component, the client add-in can be installed from the Fujitsu Network Scanner folder.

There are two types of add-ins for the fi-6010NS US\European and SnapScanN1800 devices:

  • supports AutoStore authentication.
  • does not support AutoStore authentication.

The difference between the two is that the blocks other Fujitsu applications. In both cases, the string xxxxx refers to the highest number.

Note: See How to Use the Fujitsu Component when there is no support for AutoStore authentication.
  1. Open the device web page by entering the device IP address (http://ip_address) in a web browser.
  2. Log on with administrator credentials and download the fi Network Scanner Admin Tool.
  3. Install the fi Network Scanner Admin Tool.
  4. On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > fi-Scanner > fi Network Scanner Admin Tool to start the tool
  5. Connect to the device IP address.
  6. Log on with fi-maintenance/fi-scanner6-maintenance credentials.
  7. Go to the Maintenance/Add-in install page.
  8. Browse to the plug-in for the model, then click the Install button:
    For device model Browse to
    fi-6000NS US install_directory\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\EN
    fi-6000NS European install_directory\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\IN
    fi-6010NS US\European install_directory\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\IS
    SnapScan N1800 install_directory\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\IS
  9. Wait for the scanner to reboot itself.