Tree field

A Tree allows to present users with a list of choices in a tree from which users select the desired item.

This dialog allows creating a tree which will be displayed on the device panel. Right click on the tree to add, edit and remove nodes. Each tree node has a label and a value.

The value associated with the tree node. This is the value that will be sent to the Server (and used for the field RRT).
The text associated with the tree node which will be displayed to a user
Table 1. Options in the Tree Field Properties dialog box
Option Description
Value of the Node This text box allows you to edit the node value without leaving Tree Field Properties dialog.
Default Selected Node Select the node which will be selected by default on the device side when user activates a form.
Allow to edit value on device side. If this check box is selected, a user can enter his/her own value into the text box, otherwise, only tree nodes are available for the selection.
Path Separator Specifies the separator between the node labels to form full node path.