Preferences tab

In this tab, you can specify the location where the server will store the program files for the job that is being processed.

Option Description
Port Number

Enter the port number used by the scanner to communicate with the Server.  The device must be configured to use the same port number to communicate with the server.  If the device is having problems communicating with the server check the port settings on the server to make sure they match the device port number.  Also make sure there are no firewall equipment blocking the specified port.

Home Folder

The root directory where the server creates all temporary directories and files necessary for controlling device related traffic. The server must have proper permission to write to this directory.

Encrypt all connections

Check this option to encrypt all communication between the device and workflow server.


Processed Files — Select Processed files to keep a copy of all files that are processed without errors.  Enter the directory where these files will be kept.

Warning — If this option is enabled, a copy of every file that has been routed successfully is saved in the Processed Files directory.  Make sure that proper disk storage is allocated when using this option

Rejected Files — Select Rejected Files to keep a copy of all files that failed to be process entirely.  Enter the directory where these files will be kept.

Important: The service account for the service must have write permissions on the Processed Files and Rejected Files directories.
Server Timeouts

Form Inactivity Timer — The amount of time in minutes that a form can be inactive before the corresponding server object is deleted.

For example if the user enters a form and does not press any other button within 30 minutes (default interval), the form on the server side becomes unavailable and as a result the following message is displayed to the user: Server object does not exist.

When a user makes additional calls to the form on the server side (by manipulating the fields that have server side events or by pressing Scan setting button), the Form Inactivity Timer is reset to 30 minutes again from the moment the call takes place.

Note: If you expect high volumes of scanning to occur in one scan job, it is recommended to adjust this parameter to be set to a value larger than maximum scan time.