How to modify panel display label

This procedure describes how to modify the AutoStore name and the button's image on the device - US Device or European Device.

The procedure outlined below describes how you can modify the "workflow" button label and image that is displayed on the panel of the network scanner upon logging into the scanner. By default the "workflow" label and image is set to "AutoStore" and its logo.

This procedure is applicable to both the fi-6000NS and fi-6010NS devices.

  1. Select the AddinModule*.cab file from the following location
    Device Location
    US device Install Directory>\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\en
    Europe device Install Directory>\Distributables\Fujitsu Network Scanner\in
  2. In order to extract and rebuild AddinModule* .cab file you can go to and download the PowerArchiver software.
  3. Extract AddinModule*.cab file using the PowerArchiver software.
  4. Go to this path …\AddinModule*\C\Aries\Exporter\AutoStoreClient\
  5. Select the file Exporter.dll.config.
  6. Open this file in a notepad.
  7. Modify the value at this location from AutoStore  <add key="AppName" value=" Autostore  "/> to any desired value.
  8. Save and close this file.
  9. Go to this path …\AddinModule*\C\Aries\Images and you will notice that there is one folder in US device and several folders in Europe device.
  10. The following list of numbers stands for the corresponding language (Codepage):
    • 1031 – Deutsche
    • 1033 – US
    • 1036 – French
    • 1040 – Italian
    • 1041 – Japanese (not supported by this version)
    • 2057 – UK
    • 3082 – Español
  11. To change the buttons image on the device, these are the stages they stand for.
    • PBMainMenuButtonD.bmp - Disabled state
    • PBMainMenuButtonN.bmp - Normal state
    • PBMainMenuButtonNF.bmp - Normal Focused state
    • PBMainMenuButtonS.bmp - Selected state
    • PBMainMenuButtonSF.bmp - Selected Focused state
    • Image Properties of the button:
      • Width : 374 Pixels
      • Height:  104 Pixels
      • Horizontal Resolution: 149 dpi
      • Vertical Resolution: 149dpi
      • Bit depth: 24
      • Frame Count: 1
  12. Change the images for the language which you are going to use.
  13. After the images and text are modified you have to rebuild the AddinModule*.cab file with all the files included.
  14. Select the folder …\AddinModule*  from  \AddinModule*\C\Aries\ location:
    1. Right click and click compress with options.
    2. Modify the output file name.  Choose the CAB option.
    3. From Compression type field select MsZIP type.
    4. Click on Add to rebuild the .CAB file.
  15. Upload the plugin (.CAB file) to the appropriate device and the text and the buttons will be modified.