List field

A List field allows to present users with a list of choices from which users select the desired item. Use this field type if you want a text field with auto complete capabilities. If a list of choices is too long, the list can be made searchable.

The table in the upper part of the window lists the options (list items) which will be available for the user to select from.

  • Value Column — The value associated with the list item. This is the value that will be sent to the Server (and used for the field RRT)
  • Label Column — The text associated with the list item which will be displayed to a user.
  • Selected Column —  Specifies which list items will be preselected when a user activates the form. If Allow Multiple Select is checked, you can preselect multiple list items, otherwise, only one.
  • Allow to edit value on device side —  If this check box is selected, a user can enter his/her own value into the text box, otherwise, only listed options are available for the selection.
  • Item Separator — If Allow Multiple Select is checked, Item Separator is used between the selected values to form the value of the field.
  • Allow Multiple Select — If checked a user will be able to select multiple options simultaneously. The value of the field will form from the values of the selected options separated by Item Separator.
  • Display Search Options — If checked, a user will be able to search through available options.

The search dialog on the device panel looks like this:

Two type of search can be implemented:

  • Simple  —  Simple search is performed through items listed in List Field Properties dialog. Apply search target to current list should be checked.
  • Dynamic - Dynamic search can be implemented through snap-in.

Raise event after pressing Find button — If checked, the search event is triggered when a user presses the "Find" button on the device panel.  You can respond to this event in the snap-in that was configured for the dynamic form section in the General tab.  For details on how to respond to search events refer to the Fujitsu Capture Component Snap-in documentation.

Show Subject Button — When you implement dynamic search, you may not need "Subject" button (it has ‘Search’ label on it and defines where to look for the search target during simple search. It could be Display Text or Value). This option allows to hide it from the user.

Show Position Button — When you implement dynamic search, you may not need "Position" button (Anywhere, Head, Tail). This option allows to hide it from a user.