How to use FileNet P8

This topic steps through an example of sending PDF documents to the FileNet P8 Content Engine object store.

  1. Create a workflow with the FTP Poll capture component, the Barcode component, the OP OCR component, and the FileNet P8 route component.
  2. Specify connection parameters, Object store and Target folder on the General tab of the FileNet P8 component.
  3. Specify document name and content type on the Document tab.
  4. Set the document class and properties of the routed documents in the Document Class tab and configure the permissions on the Security tab of the FileNet P8 component.
  5. Configure the other components in the workflow.
  6. Run the process.
User scans a batch of documents with barcode cover page that describes the field attribute for each document. The documents are then placed in the folder that is accessed through FTP. Now, when you start a process:
  • FTP Capture component polls the scanned document with a predefined schedule.
  • Barcode component reads the barcode value out of the cover page while splitting the scanned batch into separate documents.
  • OP OCR component converts printed text in the scanned documents into searchable PDF.
  • FileNet P8 route component delivers the searchable PDF documents to FileNet P8 Content Engine object store along with the corresponding metadata.