Edit Multiline String dialog box

This dialog box allows you to edit value of String type or of Binary type.

Note: This dialog box allows editing values of Binary type when representation Binary from UNICODE string or Binary from ANSI string is used.

When the dialog opens, the value is converted from its string representation.

Option Description
Value Enter the value that consists of several strings.
Default value This text box displays the default value for the field (if it is configured in the FileNet P8 Content Engine Object Store). Click the Set button to copy this value into the value edit box.
Maximum length This text box displays the maximum length for the string (if it is configured in the FileNet P8 Object Store).
Current length This text box displays the current length of the string.

When you click OK, the value is converted to its string representation and the inline string value is enquoted. The LF/CR and Unicode characters are escaped with backslash (\) character.

Note: If the entered value contains line feeds, the Inline type information check box on the Add/Edit Property dialog box becomes automatically selected when you save this dialog box.