Content Elements tab

This tab allows configuring document content elements.

The main content element of the target document is the file being routed by the component. It is appended as the only content element by default. Using the controls on this tab, you can change this behavior.

Option Description
Do not add routed document as content element Select this check box if you do not want to add the routed document as the content element of the created (or existing) object in the FileNet P8 Content Engine object store. This may be used, for example, if you include the document’s body into annotation instead of content.
Additional content elements This list contains content elements that will be added to the target document in addition to the routed document.
Add Click this button to add a new content element. This button opens the Add Content Element dialog box.
Edit Select a content element and click this button to edit the selected item in the Edit Content Element dialog box.
Remove Select a content element and click this button to remove the selected item from the list.
Storage policy Specify the storage policy of the content element. By default, this field is empty and the default storage policy is used.